A quality child nutrition and food service program meets the nutritional needs of students with appealing meals at reasonable prices contributing to the students’ overall well-being and ability to learn.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to St. Johns Public Schools from the Food Service Department. This letter is to inform you about the cafeterias in our school district. Upon completion of the enrollment process of your student into our software system (Infinite Campus) a food service debit account is automatically created allowing your student to deposit money into an account which allows them to make breakfast, lunch and snack purchases. If your student is eligible for the free or reduced meal program, please be sure to fill out an application for Free & Reduced Meals and turn it into the St. Johns Public Schools Business Office. If approved for free meals, the software will act as if your student has meal credits in his/her account and approves the purchase. However, if extra items were purchased, above and beyond the normal lunch, a non-paying student would need money in their account to make those purchases. To make deposits you may send cash or a check made payable to the school your child attends. You may pay weekly, monthly, or even yearly if you choose.

Lunch Paid Students/Reduced Students*






Pre-School, Elementary




Middle School




High School, STRIVE, ISD




Breakfast (same across district)




*Breakfast is served at all schools. At the Middle School and High School a la carte items such as sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, crackers, juices, milk and many other items are available during lunch. A salad bar is also available. At the Wilson and all of the Elementary Schools the student’s assigned bar code is scanned when they purchase breakfast or lunch and the cost is deducted from their account. At the Middle School and High School the cashier will identify the food items being purchased, the student will enter their Account PIN and the terminal will access the student’s account and deduct the purchase. The cashiers will let the students know when their balances are low. Your Middle School and High School students can obtain the Account PIN number at the cafeteria or you may contact me at 989-227-4138. If you have any further questions, please be sure to call me at the above number.

Thank you!


Purchasing School Meals

Parents may prepay for school meals for the month, week or day.  High School, and Middle School students use Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to access their accounts.  Wilson Center and Elementary accounts are scanned using a bar code system.  Parents may specify how payments are to be used.  For example--- if you DO NOT want your student to purchase ala carte items, or you would like to set a daily spending limit on your student’s account, please notify Tim Forton, Food Service Director @ 989-227-4138. Meal payment options - Online (PaySchools), Check, or Cash.  Parents are encouraged to prepay for their child's meals so money is always available. For online deposits  – use the “PaySchools” link.  You must have IC parent portal access to make Food Service deposits online. 

To obtain your IC parent portal access, send an email request to IChelpdesk@sjredwings.org.  It is easy to use, convenient, private and secure.   At the current time there is no “convenience fee.”

Checks - please make payable to St. Johns Public Schools or the school your student attends.


If you prefer to pay online PaySchools gives you that option too.  To pay through our online payment system PaySchools, just click on the Payschools logo.

Please Note:

St. Johns Public Schools will charge $10.00 for each NSF or returned check that Foodservice receives.  This charge is to be collected in addition to the amount of the check that was originally issued to St. Johns Public Schools.  The fee is to offset the expense the district incurs when such a check is received.  A block may also be put on a family’s account rejecting any further checks until this check is cleared up.

Negative Policy and Procedure


  • Elementary students are only allowed to charge the equivalent of two lunches.

    • When an elementary student has reached the charge limit allowed, they will be given a toasted cheese sandwich or an alternative that day and will be expected to bring a cold lunch until the charges are paid off.

    • The charge limit is -$4.20

    • When the current charge balance is paid off, they will be allowed to charge again if needed.

    • Low Balance and Negative Balance alerts will be sent to Primary House Holds through the Infinite Campus Messenger System.

    • Please make sure contact information is kept up to date.

  • High School and Middle School students are NOT allowed to charge against their accounts.

    • Students that attend these schools are expected to be responsible for knowing the balance of their accounts.

    • Cashiers are to inform students of low or negative balances at the register as well.

    • Parents can view their child's account using the Infinite Campus parent portal.

    • Balances from the previous year roll over and remain in the student’s accounts as they transfer to different buildings within the St. Johns Public School District.


    • Low Balance and Negative Balance alerts will be sent to Primary House Holds through the Infinite Campus Messenger System.

    • Please make sure contact information is kept up to date.


Meal account refunds may be requested by emailing the following information to fortont@sjredwings.org or sending in a written request with the student.  Refunds are only made with the parent/guardian consent and refund checks are processed and mailed by the Business Office.  Refund checks will only be issued if balances are over $10.00.

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Parent Name and Address

If there are any questions, then please call (989) 227 - 4138