student photo credit: Paige Padilla
Class project regarding the 1960's Vietnam War.

St. Johns High School: Our Mission

St. Johns High School is committed to providing a wide variety of instructional strategies to meet students’ academic, career, and personal goals. All students will be held to high academic standards as defined by the Michigan Merit Curriculum and assessed by the Michigan Merit Exam.

St. Johns High School

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2014/2015     School Year 

Picture Day - For those who missed picture retakes, you may contact Canfield/Jenkins House of Photography to have your photo taken. Their contact information is:  210 E Walker St, St Johns, MI 48879  (989) 227-8441

  High School

Exam Schedule

Monday, November 24:

1st hr. Exam      7:45-9:45

2nd hr.                 9:51-10:42

No Seminar

3rd hr. 10:48-12:21

4th hr. 12:27-1:29

5th hr. 1:35-2:37

Tuesday, November 25:

2nd hr. Exam 7:45-9:45

3rd hr. Exam 10:00-12:10

Students dismissed rest of day.  Buses run at regular time.

Wednesday, November 26:

4th hr. Exam 7:45-9:45

5th hr. Exam 10:00-12:10

Students dismissed rest of day.  Buses run at regular time.

No School November 27 & 28  — Thanksgiving Recess

No School December 1 — Records Day


             Daily Class Schedule

1st Hour:  7:45-8:48

2nd Hour: 8:54-9:56

Seminar: 10:02-10:42

3rd Hour: 10:48-12:21

4th Hour:  12:27-1:29

5th Hour: 1:35-2:37

                                     Lunch Schedule

A Lunch: 10:42-11:09                     B Lunch:  11:54-12:21




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News Articles Per Page:

Mark Palmer, Principal

Rhonda Gingrich, Secretary

Fax# 989.227.4199

501 W. Sickels St.
St. Johns, MI 48879  


More Events

St. Johns High School Prom: Friday, May 1, 2015

Attention Class of 2015:  Graduation will be held on Friday, May 29th @ 7:00 p.m. at St. Johns High School.

SJHS Emergency Drills

Fire Drill #1

Fire Drill #2

Fire Drill #3