Teacher Webpages, Online Textbooks and Resources

Welcome to the SJMS Teacher Pages!  In order to provide students and families the resources they need and keep students learning beyond the school day, many SJMS staff have dedicated time and energy into developing externally accessible resources.  

WEBSITE: Many teachers have created websites to support students (and to assist parents in helping students at home).  These sites, our online textbooks, official school social media sites, and other resources are organized below by curricular department. Simply locate the teacher name, subject, or textbook.  Then click on the tile to navigate to the site.  As more resources become available, we will update this page.

EDMODO: Students have only ONE Edmodo login, even if multiple teachers use the platform.  Ask your child to log in, or contact your child's teacher to obtain your parent code.  Like the students, you only need ONE code, even if your child has multiple teachers using Edmodo.  The following teachers use Edmodo as a their online class platform.

MOODLE: Some SJMS teachers use Moodle as their classroom platform.  Some sites require a username and a password which you can get from your child, or by emailing the teacher.  The following teachers use Moodle as their online class platform.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Some SJMS teachers use Google Classroom as their platform.  This will require students to log in with their stu.sjredwings.org email account.   The following teachers use Google Classroom as their online class platform.