Students in computer lab

STrIVE ACADEMY (St. Johns Alternative School)

Many exciting things have been happening in our schools this school year.  The staff and students at the Alternative Ed. Program would like to share our happenings with you. Our program has been restructured, so along with the new program we now have a new name. Together staff and students presented alternative names for our new identity. The students chose (and created) STRIVE Academy as our new program name.  STRIVE Academy is not only reaching for your goal, but also:  Students Transforming through Responsibility Initiative Values and Excellence. 


We believe that everyone can learn in STRIVE Academy.  Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that creates a sense of belonging and ownership.  We encourage students to discover their potential and to develop skills which allow them to overcome personal, social, academic, and technological barriers to success that will allow them to redirect their lives and become cooperative, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens in school and in the community.






Contact Information

Traci Zampaloni, Secretary





Building Address:

101 West Cass Street
St. Johns, MI 48879 

Mailing Address:

501 West Sickles Street
St. Johns, MI 48879