St. Johns Public Schools Board of Education

Mark Palmer

Superintendent of Schools
501 W. Sickels  St. St. Johns, MI48879

Timothy Jackson

Trustee                                                                         2713 E. Green  Road  St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2024

Scott Darragh

President                                                                     4555 E. Alward Road Laingsburg, MI 48848       517-651-9633

Term expires 12/2020

Andrea Hallead

Trustee                                                                         1103 Hampshire Dr.  St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2020

Rick Drabek

Vice President  
2177 Yallup Rd. St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2022

Alan Nelson

507 W. Gibbs St. St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2020

Rhonda Dedyne

Secretary                                                                       608 E. Higham St. St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2024

Robert Watson

1411 S. Krepps Rd.  St. Johns, MI 48879

Term expires 12/2022

Evan Kiel

Student Representative                           

Term expires 06/2021


September 24, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

Webinar ID: 836 5070 7965

Passcode: 629042

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Mission Statement

St. Johns Public Schools will provide an educational experience that prepares all students to become individuals who think critically, live purposefully, lead responsibly, communicate persuasively, and serve others generously.


To become schools that embrace change through pursuit, evaluation and celebration of new knowledge and skills.  To provide every student with the choice to undertake advanced learning without remediation.


Education is a lifelong pursuit for every individual and the shared responsibility of the home, school and community.

Core Values

Integrity, Trust, Respect, Accountability, High Expectation and Service

We hold that:

  • Every individual has worth and dignity.
  • Every individual is unique.
  • Equal opportunity for learning must be available to all students.
  • Intellectual curiosity, academic skills, teamwork, and perseverance are essential for all learners to succeed.
  • The rapidly changing world demands educators to cultivate a diverse approach to learning so students are prepared to face new challenges.