Recently the Supreme Court ruled that 2010 Public Act 75 is unconstitutional. The Court held, “Because 2010 Public Act 75 is unconstitutional, the funds collected pursuant to that act before the effective date of 2012 Public Act 300 must be refunded to the plaintiffs in accordance with the Court of Appeals judgment.” PA 75 of 2010, which was in effect from July 2010 until September 2012, mandated that members contribute 3% of their compensation to the Retiree Healthcare Fund.  The member contributions have been held in escrow by the state. This ruling means that the money withheld from employee's pay will be refunded along with minimal interest.

Supreme Court Ruling

Employees of St Johns Public Schools between July 2010 and September 4, 2012 are due a refund of these funds. Office of Retirement Services (ORS) provided districts with information of those receiving refunds and emailed individuals directly of their refund amounts. We are still working on the details of when this refund will take place. 

More information can be found at ORS 3% Healthcare Refund FAQ. ORS will continue to update this FAQ as more information is finalized.

If you need to contact us, please call Denise Knight at 989.227.4017, Mary Schomisch at 989.227.4023 or Kelly Corbett at 989.227.4016

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Information letter mailed to former employees on January 25, 2018.

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Required Forms - Due by February 15, 2018

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Direct Deposit form - You can ignore the company name, representation, title section on the form mailed to you.

Retirees: ​Will the 3% refund cause my pension to be re-calculated?

No. Your Final Average Compensation (FAC) is calculated using gross wages. The 3% healthcare contribution was deducted from gross wages, so that deduction won’t change the FAC calculation at all, regardless of when you retire (or retired).

If you have questions, please contact Denise Knight at 989.227.4017, Mary Schomisch at 989.227.4023 or Kelly Corbett at 989.227.4016