Print Shop Services

Our Print Shop is in operation from 7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, throughout the school year to serve the needs of staff and students.

To help us better serve you, please follow the guidelines for print requests:

  • Indicate who the order is for
  • Indicate the building the print job should be delivered to
  • Indicate how many, duplex, stapled, the color of paper, or other Finishing requirements
  • Indicate the date needed
  • Indicate any other special requirements or instructions
  • If you are submitting a Google doc/sheet for printing, remember to grant the print shop security access to your file
  • If you're submitting print orders electronically, allow 2 full school days for printing and delivery.  If submitting a hard copy through interoffice mail, allow at least 4 school days for printing and delivery.

Staff members may send documents to the copy center electronically by attaching the file and sending it to the email address below.

Print Shop Form - You can download this "edit-able" form to include in an email, or print it to include with an inter-office mailed print request.