Online Learning, Grades 6-12


St. Johns Public Schools offers middle and high school students the opportunity to take online courses through a variety of providers.  The application deadline is prior to the start of each trimester.  The completed application must be submitted to the school counselor.  Once approved, all enrollments are handled through the SJHS Student Services Office or SJMS school counselor.  Course information for all online courses is available at:




·         The request must align with student’s Educational Development Plan (EDP) for grades 8 through 12.

·         Student must possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online course.

·         Application will be denied if the student demonstrated failure in a previous online course.

·         Student will be responsible for submitting Student Progress Report and Course Activity Scores Report to their counselor.

·         In order for the cost of a student’s online course to be covered, the course will replace one of his/her regularly scheduled courses.

·         Each student will be limited to two (2) online courses as part of their schedule each trimester.


A Seat Time Waiver (STW) will be required for any student who exceeds two online courses in any term.  An additional application is required for approval for eligibility as a STW student.  The counselor will assist the student and parents with the STW application process.   The STW application must also be completed during registration prior to the start of any term.


NOTE:  The student/family is responsible for providing full payment to SJPS for associated fees of a course that is dropped after the reimbursement date.  Classes will not be added or dropped after the first week of the term when the course is taken.


Application Directions:

1.      Student completes the Online Learning Readiness Survey  to determine if online learning is an appropriate fit.

2.      Parent and student fill out boxes 1 and 2 of the Online Learning Application .

3.      Student returns the form to their counselor with a signed Online Learning Program Student Contract .

4.      Student makes an appointment with their counselor to discuss the appropriateness of the selected course(s).