SAT Letter to Parents - January 9, 2015

Dear SJPS Family:

This week the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) announced that the College Board’s SAT exam will be the state administered college assessment exam beginning in 2016.  The state will continue to use the WorkKeys assessment, through ACT, as an additional work skills assessment.  These assessments will be provided to all juniors, beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, at no charge to our families.  

Like most schools, St. Johns was surprised by this move in tests.  Our students, our families, our staff has devoted a lot of resources into supporting student performance on the ACT test.  This change presents some real challenges for the entire SJPS family.  While we were surprised by this change we will work diligently to best prepare, and support, our students as they prepare for the SAT test.   MDE has stated that the College Board will provide all schools and students with free online test prep and practice tests.  They have also stated that the SAT will be revamped to offer questions that are beyond the traditional multiple choice questions.  This information leads our school to believe that the newly revamped SAT may be administered online, unlike the paper and pencil ACT test.  

We recognize the amount of money and time that we all have put into preparing our students for the ACT.  While the SAT is a different test, the preparation that our students have completed is not a loss.  If you would like more information about the SAT test visit  To see a comparison of the ACT vs. SAT visit

Together we will face this challenge and do our best to prepare our students for success on the SAT!

Committed to Student Success,

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Jason Gnegy, Curriculum Coordinator

Attachments:  MDE Press Release