Facilities Study Committee

Dear St. Johns School Community,

Earlier this week, we presented the administration's perspective on the recent work completed by the facilities committee. In review of the administration's preliminary recommendations, you will see that many of the original recommendations from the committee are largely intact. However; given the feedback obtained through dialogue at community forms, information from staff, etc. we have made some modifications with regards to decision and implementation timelines, rezoning of school boundaries to address long transportation rides, and spoke to preliminary plans on how we can better support the instructional environment across all elementary buildings and students in the district.  The full copy of this presentation has been provided at link below.

It is important that I stress that this is not a final decision. However, we want to make our initial thinking transparent not only with the staff but our community so that we can all work toward the best possible solution given this difficult topic. 


Dr. Dedrick Martin

Administration's Proposal - February 29, 2016

Purpose of Facilites Study Committee


 This committee was formed based on an Enrollment Trend & Facilities Impact report presented to the Board of Education in May of 2015.  The committee's charge was to:

  1. Analyze enrollment trends and projections as well as other information impacting enrollment;
  2. Analyze building capacities and utilization;
  3. Examine building assets and liabilities in light of instructional needs of the students and the district;
  4. Examine potential capital needs that could impact instructional programming;
  5. Consider the impact of recommendations on instructional programming; and
  6. Provide a comprehensive report and recommendation to administration and the Board of Education based on our findings. 

 Recommendation Presentation to the Board of Education - December 14, 2015

 Community Forum Overview Presentation- January 14, 2016

Restructuring to Reinvest to Improve Educational Outcomes Presentation - January 26, 2016

Elementary Reorganization Final Recommendations Presentation - May 22, 2017