St. johns high school band history

 Frank Jilka 1951-1962

Frank Jilka served as head of the music department for the St. Johns Public Schools from 1952 to 1961. When Mr. Jilka arrived the band was ready for growth. The band quickly shaped up during his first year of tenure and the program began to blossom.

At the end of the summer of 1953, Mr. Jilka took the Senior band to the post camp session at the National Music Camp at Interlochen. For the next nine years the Senior band continued to travel to Interlochen for a one week post camp session. The band kids enjoyed their time and Interlochen, which in turn aided in the progression of the band's talent. 

Around 1953 the band received to new uniforms. The new uniforms were black with red trim. Spats, cap, plum, and white cross buckles were added for marching. Later on capes were added. The Junior band then received their old uniforms. 

At the beginning of Mr. Jilka's career at St. Johns, students from St. Joseph Catholic school did not participate in the instrumental music program. At his request, the music program expanded to include beginner band classes at the Catholic School. The addition of these students added a lot to the band program.

When Mr. Jilka started, the band room was a double classroom at the west end of Rodney B. Wilson high school. Eventually when a new gym was proposed, Mr. Jilka proposed a band room be located under the gym. This would eventually be built. 

When Mr. Jilka left St. Johns he was succeeded by William Mihalyi.