St. Johns has competed in MIFA's theatre competition since its inception.  With countless state qualifications and 10 state championships, St. Johns has a proven track record of excellence in competition.  The current directors are Jackie and Nathan Charneski. St. Johns takes a 45-minute cutting and competes at the district and regional levels each year, to qualify for the state festival.

The competition production is primarily student-led.  The directors will hold auditions and crew interviews in November each year.  Once the cast and crew list is posted, rehearsals are held daily Monday-Friday and occasional Saturdays from December through February.  Competitions take place on Saturdays from the end of January through mid-February.

For additional information about MIFA theatre events in the state of Michigan, please visit the MIFA Theatre website.

Former directors include Bob Koger, Barbara Markman, and Ashley Bowen.