St. Johns has competed in MIFA's theatre competition since its inception.  With countless state qualifications and 10 state championships, St. Johns has a proven track record of excellence in competition.  Former directors Bob Koger, Barbara Markman, and Ashley Bowen have set the bar high for the current directors, Jackie and Nathan Charneski.  St. Johns takes a 45-minute cutting and competes at the district and regional levels each year, hoping to qualify for the state tournament.

The competition production is primarily student-led.  The directors will hold auditions and crew interviews during the first week of December each year.  Once the cast and crew list is posted, rehearsals are held daily Monday-Friday and occasional Saturdays from December through February.  Competitions take place on Saturdays from the end of January through mid-February.

For additional information about MIFA theatre events in the state of Michigan, please visit the MIFA Theatre website.  Jackie Charneski currently serves on the state theatre committee as the Region 2 representative.