Bring Your Own Device Presentation (pdf)



 Target Audience:

To Be Determined – Early thoughts are Secondary (Middle or High School but could expanded down to the elementary level)


Bring Your Own Device or B.Y.O.D. is the practice of allowing students to bring their personal mobile technology devices to access educational information while at school. (e.g. smartphones, tablets or laptops).

Program Goals:

Since students are familiar and comfortable with their own device, allowing students to bring their one learning device will empower students to take more control of accessing the learning environment while increasing their digital literacy and digital citizenship. This will allow the district to move closer to a 1:1 student-to-device ratio as the District concentrate their funding on students who need a device instead of trying to outfit every student with a device. This type of environment shifts the focus from learning about the device to learning with the device in the classroom setting.    

Additional Considerations:

Infrastructure must be able to handle the addition of the B.Y.O.D. devices:


  • Density of wireless network, Security of Network, Filtering of Internet Access
  • Additional licensing purchase needed beyond 1,500 devices and Power consumption 




  • Expectations of Teachers, Expectations of Technology Staff, Power locations for charging devices, Discipline for inappropriate usage, Clear definition of District’s responsibility of the personal device
  • Policies must be in place to protect both the District and the student.


 Change in Software:


  • Curriculum will need to look for “device neutral” software resources that can be utilized through an internet connection and not installed directly on a device.
  • This can have a positive impact on the budget as well, since many resources have little or no cost.


 Equity Amongst Students:


  • District owned devices will need to be provided to students who do not bring their own and devices will need to be refreshed in a timely manner .

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