Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The mission of St. Johns High School is committed to providing a wide variety of instructional strategies to meet students' academic, career and personal goals. All students are held to high academic standards as defined by the Michigan Merit Curriculum and assessed using the Michigan Merit Exam

Dear Parents & Students,

It is our goal to present a program that allows every student the opportunity to be challenged, to pursue interests and goals, and to realize maximum potential.

Your selection of courses may very well be the most important task you undertake during your high school career. Please involve your parents, teachers and your counselor in this process. Student requests are used to determine the classes offered. Care will be taken to ensure proper placement in the courses requested. Therefore, NO CHANGES IN A STUDENT'S SCHEDULE WILL BE MADE UNLESS THERE IS A COMPELLING REASON!

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements/College Recommendations/Personal Curriculum 

Minimum courses required for graduation:

            4.0        English

            4.0        Mathematics through Algebra II

            3.0        Science (including Chemistry or Physics)

            1.0        U.S. History I/II & Geography

            1.0        World History I/II & Geography

              .5        Government

              .5        Economics

            2.0        World Languages

            1.0         Health & Physical Education

1.0        Visual, Performing or Applied Arts

             2.0        Seminar

            10.0       Elective/Online Learning Experience



St. Johns High School Curriculum Guide

Courses offered


Business Classes/Technology


Family & Consumer Science

CAD & Design Technology


Metal Technology


Physical Education


Social Studies

Special Education

Virtual Classes

Welding Technology

Wood Technology

World Languages

Additional Programs

Clinton County Career Connection Courses , These courses are available to juniors and seniors and provide possible Lansing Community College credits. Classes are year-long and replace two classes per trimester.

Eaton Intermediate School District Course offers Heavy Equipment & Heavy Equipment Operator.


Printable copy of 2019/2020 Curriculum Guide