If you're searching for Literary Criticism, start with the databases. 

The internet will probably prove frustrating.

Subscription Databases
Gale Virtual Library Image
 Gale Virtual Reference library is what it sounds like...a library of electronic books.
 Gale Virtual Library Image
This database has criticism to be found in academic journals. In most cases you can narrow it down to "Critical Essays" which will get you to what you're looking for.
 Gale Virtual Library Image
The fatter brother of Expanded Academic ASAP. There is a slightly higher number of snooty academic journals found here, so you might find that obscure article you're looking for.
 Bielefeld Academic Search Engine Image
The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is another OAI search engine that can gain you access to academic materials you might not find on the open web.
 Gale VIrtual Library Image
This is a great place to start to find good literary criticism and information about poetry.
 Gale Virtual Library Image
This is an index of Gale literary resources. You'll find a whole shelf of them in the library, and it tends to be easier to search in this electronic index first.
 Internet Public Library Image     We could index every site that is out there, or just point you to this fairly                                                                   complete site.

 The Internets

 British Contemporary Writers
This has mostly biographical info. on current British authors.
Google Goodies: can be helpful depending on what you're looking for. Google Books will help you find primary sources and moldy oldies. Google Scholar has access to some scholarly journals. Or look at the sites they've indexed.