News from subscription Databases
 Lansing State Journal
Search the LSJ for local news. (This is a link to the traditional newspaper format, for their regular website visit or get the free digital version of county news from ISSUU.)
Thousands of US Newspapers gathered by Infotrac.
If you're focused on Michigan News this link to Newsbank's full-text index of the Lansing State Journal (this subscription is changing, ask in the library if you can't find what you're looking for), Grand Rapids Press, and the Detroit News.
 The New York Times
Search specific newspapers like the New York Times.
 Mel (1)
MEL offers a large number of databases and indexed internet links. Using the 'search multiple databases' feature you can search Infotrac and Newsbank at the same time.
SIRS focus offers a searchable and easy to cite database of news that is fed by Reuters a world news source.
 News from Internet Resources
Google News
This is a computer-indexed (by algorithm) headlines aggregator in topical layout.
Google News Archives
This gives you access to older news and will even generate a timeline.
Yahoo News
A similar looking index of multiple news sources.
A revenue based news service that brings together local news in a searchable database. It asks for demographic information.
St. Johns Independent
Truly local news.
Silobreaker is an aggregation engine but it also includes "relational analysis", visually representing connections between news stories and analyzing connections.