March Is Reading Month

2021 MIRM Theme: “Step Up and Read Something New”

March Is Reading Month! And March is just around the corner, and we have a very important request to make of both you and your child. There are 31 days in March. We ask that you support your child in reading 20 minutes per day each day of the month.

20 minutes per day for 31 days. It’s the MIRM 20-Minute Challenge.

Students can read books, magazines, online articles, users manuals, poetry, graphic novels, and more. They can read narrative or informational text, or tutorials on a topic of interest. They can even count their required reading for ELA in these 20 minutes per day.


Imagine this for a moment. If each SJMS Redwing reads 20 minutes for each day of March, they will have read for 620 minutes. That’s more than ten hours of reading per student. That’s more than 93,000 words in a month. If we support our students in making this 20-minute daily reading goal into a life habit, they will be exposed to more than a million words over the course of a year. Imagine the growth your child could experience with that exposure to reading material over the course of a lifetime.

We are proud to partner with you in support of your child’s lifelong learning and achievement. “Working as a TEAM to build the future!”




Look for the March Is Reading Month, or MIRM, logo (at left).  Where you find it, you will also find opportunities for kids read and promote reading through spirit days, read-a-thons, bookmark contests, and more. Follow the links below to learn more!


2021 MIRM Calendar