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The vision of our program is to prepare our students and staff to be successful, ethical, and safe information seekers.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality online, print, and personal instruction.  This is to help all of our patrons develop the skills they need to evaluate and utilize all types of information resources in a 21st century learning environment.

Meet Our Media Center Specialist 

Mrs. Trisha Cramer 
(989) 227-4232

The Media Center is open on regular school days
Monday - Friday  7:15 - 3:15

Link to Destiny Discover Card Catalog

 General Subscription Databases

Link to Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

  • The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is another Open Archive Initiative search engine that can gain you access to academic materials you might not find on the open web.

Link to Britannica Encyclopedia

  • Britannica is a great online encyclopedia and database of images, video, and news.

Link to Gale Reference Library

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library - Reference books covering the following topics: education, environment, general reference (including employment, health and wellness, personal finance, and social skills), history, law, nation and world, religion, and science.

Link to Michigan e Library

  • MeL eResources - Search MEL databases for eResource by Subject, Audience, or Vendor

Link to Michigan e Library

  • MeL Opposing Viewpoints has over 9,000 pro/con viewpoint articles, 1000s of periodicals, primary sources, and up-to-date legal and biographical information. This is a great place to start your research.

Link to ProQuest

  • ProQuest History Study Center is an online resource providing a vast collection of digitized primary and secondary sources for the study of history. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from high school students looking for quick and reliable facts on a historical topic, to researchers examining hard-to-find primary source texts.

Link to ProQuest

  • ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher

Link to ProQuest

  • Proquest Learning, Literature - Where students come for the latest word on the authors they study in class and read at home!

Link to ProQuest

  • ProQuest Homework Central  - Provides authoritative information on a variety of topics to assist student research.

Local News
Link to Lansing State Journal

  • Lansing State Journal - Search local news

Link to Lansing State Journal Archives

  • Lansing State Journal - ISSUU - Free digital archive version of county news publications

Link to Lansing State Journal Archives with ProQuest

  • Lansing State Journal - ProQuest Archive - Search further back than the public websites.

Link to Michigan Live Local News

  • M-Live - A revenue based news service that brings together local news in a searchable database. It asks for demographic information.

Link to St. Johns Independent Newspaper

  • St. Johns Independent - Truly local news.

National News,  International News & More

Link to Google News

  • Google News - This is a computer-indexed (by algorithm) headlines aggregator in topical layout.

Link to Reuters News Source

  • Reuters News - A world news source.

Link to Silobreaker

  • Silobreaker - An aggregation engine, but it also includes "relational analysis", visually representing connections between news stories and analyzing connections.

Link to Yahoo News

  • Yahoo News - An Index of multiple news sources.

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