WirelessUsing SJPS Wireless

How to Connect

"SJPS_Guests" Open Wireless Network

Open your Wi-Fi settings on your device, click/tap SJPS_Guests, open a web browser, type in your email address and name and you are connected!

How to connect with credentials ("onboarding") 

The advantages of registering your device or "onboarding"?

  • Increased bandwidth
  • Increased web access
  • Access to additional websites NOT allowed on the SJPS_Guests network

Follow the staff/student instructions below to onboard your device and attach to the SJPS wireless network.

Staff/Student Instructions for connecting with a Windows PC:

Print Instructions: PC 

Staff/Student Instructions for connecting with an Android device:

Print Instructions: Android

Staff/Student Instructions for connecting with an Apple (iOS) device:

Print Instructions: Apple (iOS)




Printing From a Personal Device

If you need to print from your device, visit PaperCut (printing only works with specific devices, currently iOS is not supported) . 


Wireless Device Policy for Students 

Network Acceptable Use Policy 

Network Access from Personally Owned Computers 

Computer Technology and Networks 

Staff Use of Wireless Communication Devices