Curriculum & Standards

Curriculum and STANDARDS

St. Johns Middle School staff is engaged in our part of a district-wide preK-12 curricular alignment project using a platform called Atlas.  The curricular review, alignment, and mapping process is an involved one, but it is valuable work that benefits our students and supports that academic achievement. 

  1. The project begins by analyzing the current, enacted curriculum, current learning targets, and their connections to the respective standards. 
  2. Since standards change (as the State adopts new standards or the standards are amended or updated), we will ensure our alignment to the standards, a process that must happen regularly to ensure a quality academic program. 
  3. Then, we look at the progression within and between courses and adjust to ensure students experience a logical progression from course to course and from grade to grade throughout their preK-12 experience here in St. Johns.
  4. When decisions are made regarding the order and alignment of content, the assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, homework assignments, and "check-in" assignments) must also be adjusted to assess the skills our students should be able to demonstrate through each unit of study.

This is very powerful work and it involves every teacher at SJMS.  All teachers are part of department teams who work on the implementation and assessment of the standards for their subject area(s) both within the building and with the support of outside resources such as the Clinton and Shiawassee Regional Educational Service Agencies:

  •   Languages (English Language Arts, Spanish, French)
  •   Mathematics
  •   Social Studies (Social Studies, U.S. History)
  •   Science
  •   Arts & Technology (Visual Arts, Computer Literacy, Modular Technology)
  •   Special Education
  •   Physical Education and Life Skills (P.E., Health, Cooking, Crafts, Sewing)
  •   Music (Band, Orchestra, Vocals)


All of the standards on which the SJMS curriculum are built are available publicly at the following links.  We encourage you to review them:

Languages (English, Spanish, French)


Social Studies (Social Studies, U.S. History)


Technology (Computer Literacy, Modular Technology)

Physical Education and Life Skills (P.E., Health, Cooking, Crafts, Sewing)

Visual Arts, Music (Band, Orchestra, Vocals), Dance, and Theatre 

Career and College Readiness