Student Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year for grades preschool through 12th grade is now open!

Our student enrollment process utilizes an online registration process.

This process should help save families time when completing the enrollment process. You will be required to upload documentation as part of the process. Please make sure that you have PDFs of the documentation or have the ability to take pictures of documents as you complete the enrollment process.

If you are a non-resident (you do not live within the St. Johns Public Schools boundary), you must apply for   School of Choice first, and the application must be approved before you start the online registration process.

Register Online

All Students

Along with the online enrollment forms,  the parent/guardian must provide the following information and documentation for the student at the time of registration:

  • A certified birth certificate 
  • Up to date immunization record
  • Two proofs of residency verification that you live within the boundaries of the St. Johns Public School District (i.e. utility bill, tax record, house insurance bill, purchase agreement, rental/lease agreement, mortgage statement)
  • Proof of Guardianship (driver’s license, state ID). A driver’s license may also serve as secondary proof of residency if the address is correct.
  • Health and Medication information for individual students, if applicable.   

Students Entering Preschool 

  • STOP!  If you have not completed the application at then DO NOT fill out this application until notified by staff from St. Johns Public Schools.
  • Verification of Income - see sheet for options
  • A copy of a health physical dated within 12 months of enrollment

 Students Entering Kindergarten

  •  Hearing & Vision screener documentation. 

Students Entering Grade 6-8

  • The class selection form on the middle school website Middle School Class Selection  for the grade you will be entering.  
  • A copy of the student’s current schedule or transcript, if possible. 

Students Entering Grades 9-12 

  • The class selection form on the high school website High School Class Selection for the grade you will be entering.  
  • If you wish to enroll in extracurricular activities, please visit our Activities Page for instructions and contact information.
  • A copy of the student’s current schedule or transcript, if possible.  

Note: Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, and the district will receive the data exactly as it is entered. Please be careful of spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Dates should be entered as MM/DD/YYYY and phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Online Registration for Parents - Video


If you need assistance, please call 989-227-4005.

Other Forms

Homeschool Form  - Download and fill out the Homeschool Form and return to your child's school.