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Thanks for visiting SJMS, a supportive place for middle level students to grow and thrive.  We embrace our motto, "Working as a TEAM to build the future!" Our PURPOSE is to educate the whole student through building relationships, establishing high expectations, and providing innovative and engaging instruction to become independent, responsible, self-confident, contributing members of an ever-changing global society.  

Middle school is an important time in your child's education. It helps student shift their focus from a single teacher to several teachers and from external supports to his/her own personal educational ownership and responsibility. Students explore more sophisticated and thought provoking ideas in their reading, they embark on more rigorous math, begin to tackle advanced reading; engage in higher-level, more rigorous math; choose from a wide array of elective offering; and are encouraged to participate in the social, service, and athletic fabric of the school community.  

Parental involvement in a child’s education is essential for academic success. We invite you to visit our school regularly, attend parent teacher conferences, and participate in the SJMS Community Group (our middle level parent-teacher-community organization, or PTO). If you require additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

SJMS Newsletters

In an effort to strengthen communication between home and school, and to celebrate the successes of our SJMS students, we regularly publish a school newsletter. For your convenience, editions are arranged here with the most recent on top.  Click on the link to view, download or print.

Current Newsletter : December 2, 2022

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We are pleased to maintain this website as a resource for our students and families. Although the very best source of information about your child's classroom behavior and academics will always be his/her teacher, the links at the right will help you stay up-to-date on school events, news, celebrations of student success. They will also help you get in touch with school staff, help your child get extra help, access the Student/Parent Handbook, common documents, immunization requirements, schedules, lunch menus, transportation, and a host of other information. 

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In order to maximize learning potential, students are expected to be in school and on time every day school is in session.  Parents are urged to schedule appointments and vacations after school and during scheduled breaks whenever possible.  Please see the St. Johns Middle School Student/Parent Handbook for full details.

When this is not possible, or when your child is ill, please contact the Attendance Office using the information below.

To prepare for a prearranged absence or if you have questions, please contact:

Trisha Kloha -  Attendance Secretary



To excuse an illness, please call the Attendance Hotline:


Or email the Attendance Hotline:



Students must check into the office when entering or exiting the building during school hours.

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Students who establish healthy eating and activity patterns often carry them into adulthood improving their chances for long, healthy lives.  We offer several programs at St. Johns Middle School to support the development of these healthy habits. 

  • Health Course - Sixth graders are enrolled in a required health class based on the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education.
  • Physical Education Courses - Sixth graders take required physical education.  Seventh graders and eighth graders have access to several physical education options, all of which are electives.
  • Interscholastic Sports - Visit the Middle School Athletics page for more information and for schedules.

Our special corner was created in memory of Kelsey Bauman (1996-2007)


What is M-STEP?

"In June 2014, the Michigan Legislature required the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to develop a new test for spring 2015, creating a need to reduce a normal three-year test development process to nine months. The MDE worked to create a new assessment system called the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress, or M-STEP." (1)

"M-STEP is a summative assessment and is administered to students in the following grades and subjects: English language arts and mathematics will be assessed in grades 3–8; science in grades 4, 7 and 11; and social studies in grades 5, 8 and 11." (1)

"These assessments are required by both state and federal law in order to ensure all children are learning and receiving a high-quality education.  State assessments take up or require less than one percent of student instructional time during a school year.  All other assessments are determined at the local district or building level." (2)

Why Does M-STEP Matter?

The M-STEP assessment is an important part of the teaching-learning-assessment process.

"Once each year, all students in Michigan take a high-quality State assessment, whether it’s the M-STEP general assessment or the MI-Access alternate assessment." (2)

State assessments provide:

  • An important snapshot of student achievement at a state, district, and building level.
  • Valuable information to parents on their child's academic achievement.
  • Important data for teachers, schools, and districts to help guide instruction." (2)

Get Ready!

  • Take the M-STEP Practice Test HERE. (Open in Google Chrome browser.)

  • Practice using your mouse HERE.

  • Practice typing (speed and accuracy) HERE.

  • Navigate academic tasks in an online environment HERE.

  • Drag and drop HERE.


(1) http://www.michigan.gov/mde/0,4615,7-140-22709---,00.html

(2) http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Parent_Guide_to_M-STEP_Final_10.5.15_502457_7.pdf 

St. Johns Middle School loves to celebrate the accomplishments of our students, staff, and families.  In addition to our monthly newsletter and Facebook feed, we also maintain a collection of photographs and videos.  Each celebrates a certain aspect of student life (academics, service, sports, clubs) or is used to support student development (academic, social, emotional, etc.).  Take a closer look at why we love being part of Team SJMS!

SJMS Photos

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The staff of St. Johns Middle School, recognizes that good home-school communication is crucial to every function of our school.  The School Improvement Process is no different.  From time to time, we seek parent input and publish data to this section of the webpage to support that communication.  All of these processes are designed to support our school purpose and mission (below).

  • Our PURPOSE is to educate the whole student through building relationships, establishing high expectations, and providing innovative and engaging instruction to become independent, responsible, self-confident, contributing members of an ever-changing global society. 
  • Our MISSION is to work together to educate ALL students to be successful now and in the future.

Thank you for being an important part of the team.  You are represented in our motto for a good reason: you are your child's first teachers.  You make a difference in your child's life.

Thank you for embracing our motto: "Working as a team to build the future!"