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Have a question or need assistance? Call our help desk line at 989-227-4085 or email us at

If you are a staff member, please submit a ticket below using OS Ticket.

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Connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Staff Instructions

Wi-Fi Guest Intructions


 Students or Staff members who bring a personal device please use the Wi-Fi Guest Instructions.


Staff Intranet

St. Johns Staff IntraNet

Students - Technology Protection Plan

  • St. Johns Public Schools is introducing a new technology Protection Plan. Students in 6th-12th Grade have the option to opt into this yearly program. A quick outline of the costs and benefits are below but for more information click on the Student Device and Electronic Use Agreement Handbook Button in the next section.


Technology Protection Plan $20
First Repair Fee $0
Second Repair Fee $0
Third Repair Fee $30
Fourth Repair Lose Device Access


RevTrak Payment System


Students - You are agreeing to be Responsible Digital Citizens

  • St. Johns Public Schools has committed to being a 1:1 district, meaning there are enough devices to give each student their own. Below is the SJPS Student Device and Electronic Use Agreement.

Link to Student Device and Electronic Use Agreement

Students - Get a YouTube Video Approved 

Link to YouTube Video Approval Form


If the Issue is Try This
Won't Turn on

Is It charged?

Does the charger work? (Try it on another Chromebook)

Plug the device in, open the lid, leave it plugged in for 10-15 minutes. 
Can't Connect to WiFi

Are you trying to connect to SJPS Chrome?

Powerwash the Chromebook, (see instructions below)
Can't Login

Are they typing it correctly

Is the keyboard typing correctly

Powerwash the chromebook, (see instructions below)
Screen Display Not Working

If the screen is broken, send it to tech for repairs ($75 charge)

Make sure it is charged

Powerwash the Chromebook (see instructions below)
Keyboard/mouse Issues

Powerwash the Chromebook (see instructions below)

Not Charging

Verify they have the proper charging cable

Are both parts of the charger connected tight?

Is there any damage to the charger? ($21 replacement charge)

Clear the cache (See instructions below)

Make sure the computer is up to date (see instructions below)

Delete any extra extensions
Text is zoomed in or out

Control + will make the text larger

Control - will make the text smaller

Ctrl + Alt + Brightness - To adjust zoom level

Link to Chromebook Powerwash Instructions

Link to Update Instructions for your Chromebook

Link to Clear Your Cache


Mr. Jacob Hampton - Director of Technology

Mrs. Sheela Hoy - Technology Secretary
(989) 227-4085