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Review your career plans and decide what path is right for you.

College Reps. - College Representatives  can be contacted for a visit at your request.


Military Recruiters- Recruiters from various branches of the military can be reached at :






College Visits - Schedule visits to the college campuses that you are interested in attending.  Contact the admissions office of the college/university to arrange the visits.  Stop in the office a day or two  prior to obtain a "college visit" form for your teacher to sign for the visit will not count against your attendance.  Each visit should include a tour of the campus and an appointment with an admissions counselor.  Have fun!



Applications to colleges should be submitted during September and October.  Colleges can be more generous and quicker with their responses at the beginning of the application season.  See your teacher if you need help.

Apply on-line: Most colleges require students to apply on-line.

Fee Waivers: Some colleges waive the application fee, especially during the month of October.  Check with the colleges/universities for details.

Transcripts: Go to to create an account in order to send transcripts to colleges.  Use your personal email to create an account, NOT your school email.

Scholarships: Check out some of the links below, we try to update often, remember to search the internet for scholarships in your field of interest.



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