Redwings to Watch

St. Johns Public Schools is proud to showcase our students, both past and present.  From time to time SJPS will feature a student, past or present, sharing their accomplishments.  Click on the links below to read about each "Redwing to Watch."

Zach Rosendale - Class of 2017

Lauren Fedewa - Class of 2011

Chad Wiseman - Class of 1998

Dena Cooper - Class of 2006

Erin Fedewa - Class of 2008

Brady Cramer & Alex Rosenbaum - Class of 2015

Vincent Jandernoa - Class of 2016

Duncan Wright - Class of 2015

Do you know of a SJPS student who you would like to suggest be featured as a "Redwing to Watch?"  Make a suggestion by completing the form below.