2022 Nominee - Zach Rosendale

Photo of Zach Rosendale

Zach Rosendale - Class of 2017

September 22, 2022

Zach Rosendale, a 2017 graduate of St. Johns High School, has been named the new Assistant Golf Coach for the Michigan State University Women’s Golf Team.  The four year letter winner for the MSU Men’s Golf Team joined Head Coach Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll’s staff in August.  “It’s hard to find someone, better than her, to learn under.  It’s been great so far.”

Rosendale has always known he wanted to get into coaching.  He has known Coach Slobodnik-Stoll since 8th grade, when he committed to play golf for MSU.  After graduating, he enrolled in the PGA program and started teaching at the MSU golf courses.  After a year and a half, the coaching job came open and it seemed to be the right place at the right time.  “It’s kind of surreal having an office in the Lasch Family Golf Center (MSU golf team training facility) and being on the other side after having spent so much time there.”  

Zach competed for the St. Johns varsity golf team from 2014 - 2017, including the State Championship teams of 2016 and 2017.  In 2017 he was the first Redwing golf to earn an Individual State Championship in golf and was named Mr. Golf by the Michigan Interscholastic Golf Coaches Association.  

Zach graduated from MSU with a degree in Education in 2021.  He enjoys coaching the athletes, traveling and being a part of the team in his current role with the MSU women’s golf team.  It’s something he feels could become his lifelong career.

He says the best thing about coming back to St. Johns is the community; “they always remember who you are”.  He credits St.Johns Public Schools with helping him build relationships and the ability to network in college and in his new position.  “St. Johns does a great job of interacting with students and making them feel they are a part of something.”

St. Johns Public Schools is proud of our graduate Zach Rosendale and we are excited to follow his coaching career!